Thursday, March 29, 2007

Timeline for NeoExodus

I was just talking to Joshua (the writer on the NeoExodus Campaign setting) and we both agreed that it was OK to release the timeline for NeoExodus to you fans. So here it is first part of the timeline for the NeoExodus. Enjoy. (BU = Before Unification)

Before 2000 BU: Prehistory; the cruel dominions of the First Ones cover the land.

2000 BU: Creation of the Kaga, collective knowledge of the humanoids in the combined person of their greatest minds.

1900 BU: The First Ones are repelled with the help of the Kaga; the first humanoid countries spring up, mostly loosely federated, barbaric tribes settling in the ruins of the First Ones' civilization.

1400 BU: Sorcerer Kings rule in Abaddon.

850 BU: Unification of nomadic mage-tribes into the Dominion.

750 BU: Barbarians who will become the Arman Protectorate aristocracy conquer the Sorcerer Kings of Abaddon.

700 BU: Formation of the Sanguine Covenant.

650 BU: Unification of the clans of Nas as the Caneus Empire.

450 BU: Unification of the Abaddon aristos as the Arman Protectorate.

300 BU: Unification of the city-states of Bal into the Reis Confederacy.

200 BU: First Protectorate-Dominion War.

160 BU: Second Protectorate-Dominion War.

150 BU: Formation of the Janissaries.

15 BU: Twilight War begins.

3 BU: Twilight War ends/Unification Treaty begins the formation of the Imperial Alliance.

0 BU/0 AU: Formation of the Imperial Alliance.

More to come tomorrow.