Monday, February 12, 2007

New Race for NeoExodus: Enuka

Here is the next in the line of NeoExodus races, the Enuka. Here is a little bit abut them:

These bestial animalist humanoid creatures are a through back to another time and era in Exodus when the wild beasts of the lands controlled Exodus; this was a time before mankind even existed. Enukas have evolved into an extremely unique race like all life on Exodus. Even with their wild inhuman nature, they have developed a distinctly unique culture and customs with its own mores and personality. Personality: The personality and behavior of Enukas are influenced by their bestial carnivore natures. Enukas are basically brutish and territorial in nature. Their temperament combines with their physical stature can make them quite easy to offend and quick to seek vengeance and retribution. As with any creature whose nature is control by their bestial side, Enukas deal with all other in the term of predator or as prey. For them, Enukas are based on the concept of survival of the fittest.