Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moving along like a ROCKET!!!!!

Well I just got the artwork for one of our biggest releases yet. This one is going to have a lot of people talking. I can't wait to see the response, both positive and negative. But before we release that big one we have 5 others that need to go out and we are still missing cover artwork on two of them. Welcome to the RPG business.

BIG NEWS!!! I have signed a HUGE name to work with us on a project. This is person is the kind of big name that can get even more people interested in in my stuff. Can't wait to see the project he turns in. I think it will be a big hit.

Project X & Y are still moving along well. On Project X I have to [CLASSIFIED] my [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] to get the [CLASSIFIED] created for the [CLASSIFIED] release. Plus I have been getting some very influencial people intersted in Project X. I can wait to announce this.

PS: Check your e-mailboxes on Saturday...