Thursday, January 25, 2007

February 2007 is Neo-Pulp Month!

Devil’s Workshop announces that February is the official Neo-Pulp Month for D20 Modern fans of everywhere with several very exciting and important PDF releases. See what’s in store for Neo-Pulp Month:

Rocketships of Pulp Destruction: Alien cover-ups. Strange lights in the sky. Tales of encounters. UFOs. As mankind entered the atomic age on shaky feet, they started to have some visitors. A few of these visitors came down, destroyed by anti-aircraft weaponry- leaving behind the technology which was the key to the stars. But is humanity, and the world, prepared? As with Jetpacks of Pulp Adventure, this sourcebook covers everything you need to add and play Rocketships in your Pulp and Neo-Pulp settings with new and interesting aliens from Venus and Saturn.

Prototype: Galactic Space Ace: From the incredible history of space born heroes from Commando Cody to Buck Rogers to the modern day Adam Strange and the Rocketeer, all these characters play a part in creation the Advanced Class of the Galactic Space Ace. With a jetpack on their back, a rocketship to travel in and raygun in each hand to handle any problem, this Advanced Class adds the vast area of space into your Pulp and Neo-Pulp campaign.

Victory: War of Bronze Campaign Setting Special Edition and Free Edition: For the second time in the century, the flames of war engulf the world. In every corner of the earth, on the battlefield and in the shadows, powers old, new and unfathomably ancient jockey for control of mankind’s destiny - whatever portion survives, anyway. Russia is torn with civil war, England and America fight a cold war for superpower status, a young Kaiser-to-be dreams of rebuilding German power, Japan pounces on the Imperial powers in the Pacific, the Ottoman Empire battles rebels armed with prehuman secrets, a sinister secret society of bankers and scientists fights a shadow war with an ruthless Communist conspiracy, and much more. This sourcebook sets up world wide warfare in the Haven: City of Bronze setting with all new never seen before Advanced Classes, Feats, NPCs and plot points exclusively for the Special Edition.

Flashpoint! Russia: The Flashpoint! series describes major hot spots of the Victory: War of Bronze setting. Each one describes the factions involved, their forces, what kind of war they want to wage, and who they might call in as allies for purposes of the conflict. This is a great add-on to those playing Victory: War of Bronze.

Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting Special Edition: Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting has been available as a free down for several months at with many have downloaded and enjoyed. Now, we release Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting Special Edition that contains everything to make you gaming experience in the Haven: City of Bronze setting even more enjoyable with all new never seen before Advanced Classes, Feats, NPCs and plot points. We give that tired old pulp you are used to play an injection of extreme excitement!

All this plus our February One Day Sale where you can save 25% off of your purchases! So don’t miss out in February! If you are looking for Pulp and Neo-Pulp excitement and adventure, Haven: City of Bronze is the setting you want!