Monday, August 18, 2014

Paizo VS Dreamscarred Press – Who will rule psionics / psychic magic?

This weekend during Gen Con I was informed by the folks over at Know Direction facebook page, that Paizo will be doing a product called Occult Adventures which will have in it (drum roll please!) Psychic Magic!!! As they said in the post: One of the phrases used was “Less Professor X, More Penny Dreadful.” The first thing I thought about it was, Is Paizo going after Dreamscarred Press market? Is Dreamscarred Press about to be on the wrong side of a war with Paizo? Will one system for psionics rule Pathfinder? These questions just get bigger and bigger!!!

Now maybe with other companies this might have meant the death knell for Dreamscarred Press, but I have heard from a VERY GOOD source that they folks over at Paizo came over and talked to the people at Dreamscarred Press about what was going on with their psychic magic. Better still it looks like Paizo psychic magic will fall in line with an arcane and divine magic built system. So now it looks like there will be TWO completely different, completely supported psionic / psychic magic based systems available for those who like psionics. If you like how psionic has worked from 3.5 to Pathfinder you have Dreamscarred Press; if you wish you could have psychic magic work like traditional magic, you have Paizo.  Maybe some other will do a mash up of both. Get it the way YOU want to use it and that sounds like a good idea to me.  So there is no Paizo VS Dreamscarred Press. Better still for fans who have been supporting psionics, this give you the opportunity to add even more psychic magic content to your already done psionic material. For example, we will be doing an update with the OGL psychic magic material for our NeoExodus Chronicles: Psionic Cavian ---. I mean who doesn’t like MORE content?

Once again, Paizo shows why they are beloved by their fan base and the 3PP want to work with them.  That make it easy AND worth it to work with them. Talk to you later…

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