Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga - Inspiration for the Adventure Path

So I am working on the outline for the Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path and I keep getting stuck on what I want in the adventure and what to expect from the people playing. So since I could not really get exactly what I wanted I decided to do the one thing that helps a writer, I get inspiration from better more qualified work.  So I thought about what type of stories I wanted each of the adventures in their adventure path to tell and I went to movies / books that I thought would help explain what I want. And with that, here is a breakdown of the books / movies we will be using for inspiration:

Part 1: Havoc of the Mind’s Eye – Inspired by the movie, Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Part 2: Ravagers of the Shadow Black – Inspired by the book & movie, Last of the Mohicans

Part 3: Raiders of the Cataclysm – Inspired by the Lord of the Flies

Part 4: Crusaders of the Cross of Fire – [REDACTED]

So now you see where I am coming from. Talk to you later…

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