Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Obsidian Apocalypse iconics are edited and in layout

I received the four iconics last night and have been work on their layout to make sure all of you who donated at Ghast ($35) or higher will get them by this weekend.

In addition, to the four iconics we are sending out to donors, we created an addition three iconics that we are combining with the original four to create the upcoming Adventure Path Iconics: Path of Undeath. Our Adventure Path Iconics series had been selling so well we thought it made sense to make a full list of iconic characters that would be perfect to use in the several Gothic and Horror themed adventure paths on the market. I mean let’s be honest, the races of Obsidian Apocalypse are a quantum leap about in imagination then the typical race you see in fantasy. I mean you can even compare the coolness of the Exalted or Khymer to a dwarf or elf. Obsidian Apocalypse really kicks it up a notch. As always thanks for your support of this kickstarter and LPJ Design. Talk to you later…

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