Thursday, April 4, 2013

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Chronicles: Cutting Edge Machinesmith (PFRPG) Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released its newest product for their NeoExodus Chronicles line, Cutting Edge Machinesmith (PFRPG) for the NeoExodus: A House Divided (PFRPG) campaign setting at and  Here is information on this product:
Wielders of technology are only as good as their latest inventions. The desire for innovation drives machinesmiths to new heights of creativity. From the depths of hidden laboratories and workshops inundated with the metallic hammering of progress, machinesmiths release previously unseen technologies upon the world. New drone prototypes have begun to appear, along with a wide and diverse range of gadgets. Even new greatworks have been spotted, with reports of deeds both heroic and vile by machinesmiths clad in fantastic suits of armor, shaping the very world around them with mobius energy. One thing can be certain: When driven by their colossal imagination, there is no limit to the machinesmith’s cutting-edge. The Cutting Edge Machinesmith includes:

- Two new greatworks: Convertor and Mobius Suit
- Eight New Machinesmith Tricks
- 14 New Machinesmith Gadgets
- Four New Machinesmith Techniques
- Two New Archetypes: Gasgeteer and Wonderbuilder
- 6 All New New Machinesmith Prototypes

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