Wednesday, January 9, 2013 and Google analytics

Since advertising with I have been looking deeper into Google Analytics to get the real store of the LPJ Design website specifically our NeoExodus page.  As I told you, we have had an impressive increase of traffic to our site in the multiple of 7 to 10 times what I normally get, better still over 80% of that traffic is NEW visitor from people who have never been to our site. Now that is where this gets me very interested. NEW people who have never seen my site is who want I want to come to my site.  Introducing more new people to NeoExodus only helps make it a bigger success. 

Also with that people who come to the site normally look at 3 pages on average, so not only are they coming but they are interested enough to look around to see what else we have. All this tells me is that D20pfsrd is the RIGHT place we need to be advertising on to get the message out to Pathfinder player and fans who might not heard about us. What I also find interesting that less than 10% of the traffic we are getting is mobile traffic.  That is something that we might be missing the boat on and might have to build an agenda on how to increase those numbers.  I guess I have time to do it.

With all this said I thing this advertising strategy is going to be very valuable when we start up out latest Temple of the Forbidden God Kickstarter for Free RPG Day 2013. If the traffic continues in this way I think this might be the biggest reason for the kickstarters success. Only time will tell but as I have said before I like what I see so far. Talk to you later…