Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[LPJ Design] Organized Play NeoExodus Legacies: Ruins of Trovaska (PFRPG) Adventure Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released its next adventure in the NeoExodus Legacies Organized Play line, Ruins of Trovaska (PFRPG). Here is information on NeoExodus Legacies: Ruins of Trovaska (PFRPG):

The summons was clear and simple: you were needed for a simple task of exploration in dangerous territory. Large payment was mentioned, with possibility of even more. It seems your employer's letter only let out a few important details.  A Pathfinder adventure for 3rd-level characters.

In addition, this adventure includes:
  • Buff Sheet
  • Daily Spell List
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
  • NeoExodus Combat & Initiative Tracker
Written by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau. Available at RPGNow!

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