Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LPJ Design Business Judo: DC Comics' Second Feature Idea and how LPJ Design used it

On November 16, 2009 I wrote a blog post called DC Comics'Second Feature Idea. So with this basic idea I used it to do something similar with it the NeoExodus product line.  For example we have Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle and connect with that product we have Heroes of NeoExodus: Brelin Swift.  This was my first attempt of doing a Second Chance for LPJ Design.  It was an easy way to make one product into two. Better yet this gave me the opportunity to sell the same products two different ways: as separated products or and joined bundled product.  Each product has its own separate price but if you purchase the bundle, you get them both for the same price as the larger product. So fans of NeoExodus can purchase the bundle and save money. While first timer customers can “test us out” by purchasing the “Second Chance” product first at the lower cost and if they like it they can purchase the larger, more expensive add-on. 

 I am also planning to do something similar to this when we start releasing new products for NeoExodus. One big book with a smaller book attached to it.  While it is not a revolutionary idea, it is proven and one that does work. While DC Comics might have stopped using it due to the rising cost of printing, since I am digital based it really cost me nothing to do, helps lower the production cost on a product and makes LPJ Design more streamlined and profitable. And that is what is best for up long term.  Talk to you later…