Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pathfinder Adventure & Game Mechanics Writers Needed

Louis Porter Jr. Design is looking for adventure & game mechanics writers to work on Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rule based PDF adventures.  We would like to hire people who specialize in either the creation of and writing of gaming adventures OR those with an expertise in creating and understanding the game mechanics and balance of Pathfinder.  We are not looking for an individual who believes they can do it all; we are looking for those that specialize in one of the areas we are looking for. The rate of pay for these positions will be directly dependent on your experience, which will be tested to all those that apply for these positions.  If this sounds like something that might interest you and your schedule is not that busy, please feel free to contact us at LMPjr007 [at] gmail [dot] com at your earliest opportunity.