Friday, December 23, 2011

Meet the Scythians of NeoExodus…

In the world of NeoExodus there is no greater danger than the First Ones. One of the greatest creation of the First Ones is they warrior race called the Scythians. Here is a little background about them:

The Scythian is a humanoid race of violent brutes serving the First Ones. Scythians have only one thing on their mind: violence. They live for killing and mayhem. Scythian soldiers are the most common types of Scythian encountered by the outside world. While no one on the surface of Exodus has reported a Scythian in the last five centuries, they are far from forgotten. The Scythians are soldiers of the First Ones. Not as tough as the kroca, nor as stealthy as the sobeka nor as numerous as the exodites, the Scythians were cunning and dangerous opponents. They revel in mayhem and destruction to a level rare even among the First Ones.

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