Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming this week - Skyships of Nova Avalon (PFRPG

Here is information on the Skyships of Nova Avalon (PFRPG):

The skies are filled with Skyships of all kinds and conflict between the powers is most often fought in the skies between their lands. Pirates and privateers swoop down upon merchantmen and warships alike to destroy and plunder all that they can, to build their own fleets and carve out their niche in the world. Power stems from the thunder of your cannons, the skill of your crew and the reputation of your vessel The rules here will provide for aerial combat – using the usual rules-set – and for the design and building of your own vessels. The rules allow for treating these Skyships as "characters", as well as vessels. The truly famous ships are able to become named and feared in their own right regardless of who is at the helm. This sourcebook contains:

·         Skyship Basic Combat, Critical Hits and Movement
·         Building you own custom Skyships
·         Skyship Weapons & Equipment
·         Sample Skyship Creation, Ships as Characters and Ship Feats
·         Skyship Wreck Scenario Generator

Written by Chris Field.

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