Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wondrous Equipment Wednesday - Familiar Grooming Kit, Gnomish Burrowing Suit & Mithral Lockpicks

Familiar Grooming Kit
This small leather satchel includes herbal shampoos, antibiotic herbs and medicines, an assortment of small combs, rasps for filing down teeth and talons, scissors for trimming burrs out of fur and other care items.

With about an hour of work and a successful DC 12 Profession (groom) check, this kit can be used to restore a wounded familiar of size Small or smaller with at least 1 HP to full Hit Points. The kit contains enough supplies for four uses before needing to be replaced.

Familiar Grooming Kit. Small object, 5 lbs. 75 gp.

Gnomish Burrowing Suit
Gnomes evolved from the burrowing rodents they love so much, and this unique artifact allows them to remember and celebrate their rodent heritage. This heavy leather harness comes complete with a set of clawed gauntlets and over-shoes, and includes short blunt blades on the shoulders and gauntlets designed to tunnel through loose rock and earth. Gnomes commonly wear goggles and a miner’s mask when burrowing while wearing this unique suit of armor.

The Burrowing Suit acts as masterwork quality studded leather armor complete with built in armor spikes. While wearing the Burrowing Suit, the character gains a 10 ft Burrow speed. Burrowing Suits are only sized for small creatures, and so far only Gnomes and a few Halfling burglars have ever worn them.

Gnomish Burrowing Suit. Medium object, 12 lbs. 565 gp.

Mithral Lockpicks
Smiths have made fine armor and weapons out of Mithral for millennia, but only a few years ago a clever rogue melted down a broken dagger and turned the once-fine weapon into a set of the best lockpicks she had ever used.

A character who uses a set of Mithral lockpicks may add his or her INT modifier as a competence bonus on Disable Device checks due to the superior control the responsive, light weight lock picks offer.
Mithral Lockpicks. Tiny object, negligible weight. 250 gp