Friday, December 17, 2010

Undefeatable Friday - Don Quickly, Enraged by Agony, Masterwork Fencer & Toughened by Rage

Don Quickly (Combat)
            You are so comfortable with armor, you can do even the heaviest armor quickly and without help.
            Prerequisite: Heavy Armor Proficiency
            Benefit: You may do any Light or Medium armor as a standard action, and Heavy armor as a full round action, allowing you to quickly don even plate mail without assistance and incredibly quickly. You may remove any Light or Medium armor you are wearing as a free action, and any heavy armor you are wearing as a move equivalent action, a useful skill for someone say, drowning in heavy armor, to have.
Enraged by Agony (Combat)
As you suffer lethal blows, your pain only increases your legendary rage. When you froth with madness and the killing fever, nothing can stop you!
Prerequisite: barbarian level 5th
Benefit: Each time you suffer a confirmed critical hit during a 24 hour period, you gain one additional daily use of your Rage ability.

Masterwork Fencer (Combat)
You are especially skilled at fighting with masterwork quality weapons and won’t sully your hands with lower quality blades.
Prerequisite: marital weapons proficiency, CHA 13+
Benefit: When fighting with any masterwork quality weapon, your pride in the weapon allows you to use your CHA modifier in place of the weapon’s masterwork quality bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Toughened by Rage (Combat)
            When injured, your body responds by becoming tougher, harder to injure.
            Prerequisite: barbarian level 5th
            Benefit: Each time you suffer physical damage in an encounter, your Damage Reduction increases by +1/-. This increased Damage Reduction remains in place for the duration of the encounter, and resets to your normal Damage Reduction between encounters. 

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