Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did Nick Logue burn people with pre-orders and kill his repution with Razor Coast fiasco?

While going over old files I saw the original ad for the creation of Sinister Adventures and the preorder for Razor Coast and it got me thinkinking.  I don't know Nick Logue personally and the quality of the work he does is second to none.  He really is a expert in the area of gaming writing. But in the area of the business of running a RPG company, well I don't need to or have to beat him up over this, but he has fallen flat on this. Completely flat.  The original post about Sinister Adventure and Razor Coast was on April 1, 2008. But now going on nearly 3 years, many feel that this project can be considered vaporware not matter what the Sinister Adventure forums might say.  The last time his front page website was updated was October 1, 2009 with this: Announcing the Anarchist Gamemaster Cookbook: Recipes for Games That Don't Suck.

[OK here comes Rant & Dig] You know what games really don't suck? Ones that come out. Sorry, Nick, but it is true. [/Rant & Dig].

Now what really makes me upset over this whole thing is that I offered to take it over the development to help get it out in June 2010 but Nick decided to go another way with it and get some of the Werecabagges to help him with it.  Good move! What ever helps get it out is a good thing.  And month later, still no product. So I thought, is this enough of a mess up to get people to never buy products from Nick Logue again? Since I don't know the amount of people who pre-ordered, who knows how much money was raised (and or lost) on this project.  I would guess it was at least 100 people who preordered which meanss it generated at least $3,000 but I am guessing that figures was much higher.  And weirder still, why does he still have the link offering that you can preorder this product even though you actually can't?

Here is a question to all these people reading this blog: What would it take for you to be considiered to be "burned" and have someone ruin their repution with you?  Talk to you later...