Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cast a Spell Tuesday - Twain Heritage

Twain Heritage
School transmutation Level sorcerer/wizard 9
Casting Time 1 minute
Component V, S, M (linen from a bed where a Half-Elf was born or conceived and a diamond worth at least 5,000 gp) racial (caster must be a Half Elf)
Range Touch                  
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw WILL Negates Spell Resistance Yes

When this spell is cast, a corona of purple and golden flames envelops the target, who must be a Half Elf. Over the course of a minute, the target of the spell is split into two beings, each representing one part of his heritage. These two beings appear differently each time this spell is cast, but always resemble the target of the spell.

For the duration of the spell, the target is split into two allied beings, who the target player or game master controls simultaneously. While this spell is in effect, what is known by the Elf is known by the Human, and vice versa. This ability has no range, and is effective so long as the Human and Elf are on the same plane.

Create the two characters as follows. Both characters use the base ability scores of the spell’s target. In both cases remove the Half Elf racial traits. One of the newly created characters gains Human racial traits, while the other creation gains Elf racial traits.

Both spell-created characters are one level lower then the target character. One of the characters, either the Elf or the Human has class levels identical to the target character, other than the missing level. The other character is built as a standard NPC of the appropriate level, and NPC levels can be assigned differently each time this spell is cast.

Both characters have identical gear and items, including magic items and single use items, to the target creature. However, if one spell-created creature uses a single use item, expends a prepared spell, spell slot or limited use ability, that resource is lost to the other spell-created character, and remains expended when the spell’s duration ends.

When this spell is cast, the spell-created characters appear adjacent to the caster, near where the target creature stood. The created characters share the outlook, goals and alignment of the target creature, though they may have slightly different personalities and their own quirks. When the spell ends, the Half-Elven target creature appears in a square vacated by either the Human or the Elf creature.