Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wondrous Equipment Wednesday - Pipes and Tabacco

Pipe: Fine wood pipes are beloved by adventurers and merchants alike, and a pleasant smoke at the end of the days travails. The best pipes are made of durable wood laminated for strength and long service, and many are carved with intricate but tiny scenes.
Pipe: Fine object, negligible weight, 5 sp
Tobacco: Tobacco is sold in small pinches, which can be carried in a leather sack that’s hopefully at least a little bit waterproof, or in a small wood or tin box. Price given is for one day’s ration.
Tobacco: Fine object, ¼ lb, 4-5 sp

 Exotic Tobaccos: The following tobaccos come from far-off and exotic lands, and are mixed with mystical herbs and prepared according to exacting and traditional specifications. A character can benefit from smoking a single kind of tobacco once per day. Smoking a pipe requires at least a minute, and all effects last for 1d6 hours, or until the character next sleeps or rests.
Exotic Tobacco
Braggart’s Weed
+2 bonus on Bluff and Gamble checks
5-7 gp
Bloody Arrow Tobacco
+1 morale bonus on ranged attack rolls
95 gp
Cynic’s Tobacco
+2 morale bonus on WILL Saves against fear and versus illusions
65 gp
Elemental Flame & Smoke
User gains Fire Resistance 2
100 gp
Goodwife’s Smoke
+1 bonus on all Craft and Profession skills
10-12 gp
Harlot’s Vine
+1 morale bonus on CHA based skill checks (except Intimidate) against those who would be attracted to your gender
55 gp
Horseman’s Leaf
+2 bonus on Ride and Handle Animal checks
8-12 gp
+2 bonus on Survival checks and can automatically sense true North
55 gp
Linguist’s Tongue
User can speak but not read one randomly chosen language
30 gp
Zealot’s Grey Smoke
User can continue fighting efficiently at 0 HP to -10 HP similar to the Half Orc racial ability Ferocity
150 gp