Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Petrifaction & Punishment and Choker Sludge Trap

Petrifaction & Punishment Trap (CR 13)
This complex magical trap is designed not only to forever entomb the original victim, but to wreak havoc on his friends and allies when they try to save their unlucky comrade.
Type: magical trap
Perception: DC 30
Disable Device:
DC 25  
Trigger: proximity (alarm)
Effects: This magical trap has two equally mean-spirited stages.
Initial effect: Target is petrified as per the flesh to stone spell (FORT DC 19 negates)
Secondary effect: When any creature attempts to free the petrified target by applying a stone to flesh spell, dispel magic or similar effect, an arcane bomb within the original petrified target detonates. Multiple Targets (all targets within a 30 ft radius), Petrifaction (FORT DC negates 19).

Choker Sludge Trap (CR 5)
This cruel mechanical trap involves a cleverly concealed launcher and a jar of viscous, instantly hardening alchemical tar and plaster. Anyone unlucky enough to trigger this trap gets a bucket full of frothy grey sludge to the face. It’s a comical sight… until the victim’s allies realize their friend can’t see, hear or breathe beneath the quickly hardening slime!
Type: mechanical trap
Perception: DC 25
Disable Device:
DC 20  
Trigger: touch (tripwire or trigger square)
Effects: Target is blinded, deafened and begins to suffocate (see Pathfinder RPG page 445). (REF DC 22 negates). The choker sludge hardens instantly and has Hardness 5 and 15 Hit Points; the character trapped inside takes half damage from any attack directed at the choker sludge.