Saturday, August 7, 2010

LPJ Design is run strictly as a cash business..

Here is a little fact you might not know about LPJ Design, we are a completely cash run business. This means that we do not have credit cards to help support, grow and development of the business. When I do a print run, I pay for it in cash. I started doing this a few years back when I was working on the concept to be completed debt free in my personal life and it transitioned over to my business. While it can cause some issues (not being able to buy certain things at an instant) it has taught me to be more disciplined when spending money. If LPJ Design doesn’t have the money, then LPJ Design can’t get it. While this does upset me, it also places us business-wise in a very different position than most companies. All you starting up your RPG business might want to think about doing your business like this. It will save you money in the SHORT and LONG term. Just something to think about. Talk to you later…

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  1. It makes perfect sense to run a business on the money it can generate. There are indeed downsides such as slower growth and not having a useful tool at a moments notice. It also means more sweat equity at first as steam (cash flow) must be generated to hire more artists, etc.

    White Haired Man believes in running its business on a cash basis and as you mentioned it has served us well. We are lean and disciplined about our expenditures. After just over two years in business we just completed our first print run of our first three adventures. It feels good to have the product in my hands for the first time.