Friday, June 18, 2010

[LPJ Design] Spell Vs. Spell 1: Fireball vs. Lightning Bolt for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Gam

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released it all new line of suppliments for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game called Spell Vs. Spell. Spell Vs. Spell 1: Fireball vs. Lightning Bolt is available at and  Here is information on this product:

Imagine you are playing an arcane spellcaster and you have just gained the ability to cast 3rd-level spells. You smile as you take a quick glance at the spell list and you decide you want one that deals damage. Lots of damage. You have two obvious choices, each of them classic spells harkening back to the old days of the world’s oldest role-playing game: they are fireball and lightning bolt.

Spell Vs. Spell 1: Fireball vs. Lightning Bolt analyzes the similarities and differences between these two classic spells and provides advice for the spellcaster trying to decide which spell to prepare, including a full list of all of the monsters in the core rules with resistances or vulnerabilities to these spells. Whether you choose fireball or lightning bolt, you will also find a number of tips and tricks for interesting ways to use each spell in order to fry your opponents in the most effective manner possible. Finally, this product provides new feats for fans of fireball and lightning bolt and four new spells to be used as alternatives to or in conjunction with the classics.

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  1. This one sounds interesting. Can we request/vote on specific spell comparisons for later publications?