Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I might have to kiss Erik Mona in the mouth over this...

Just got my copy of GameMastery Guide and I am only just skimming the book (only up to page 40) and I am in love with this book.  I mean I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! Telling people HOW TO PLAY the game is just an important as providing them with the material to play it. Best of all this part could be reprinted as its own small book to give to retail store to promote Pathfinder pay in their store.  Hell Paizo could add the stores logo to the version and charge them a few bucks for a specialized ones if they want.  Place this line item under marketing expenses and you could write it off as advertising dollars spent.  And I am only 40 pages in to this book!!!!

Once again Paizo is proving itself as the SMART RPG publisher.  I might have a little man-crush on Erik Mona. What will my wife say?  Well it is gaming-related so I think she will understand.  Talk to you later...

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  1. I just cracked mine open last nite, and it looks damn nice. good catch