Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As a writer what sounds like the better deal: Getting paid 2 cents a word or 5% of the total sales?

The answer to this question all depends on one simple little thing; how “good” of a writer are you? If you are just starting out, then 2 cents a word is a good rate. No matter what happens, you get paid and that is you end goal. If you are Monte Cook or Wolfgang Baur, well you are going t sell at a certain level for the life of the product, so that 5% could be some serious money if done right. It is a very simple question right? How much are you skills worth? How much are your skills worth now OR in the future? How badly do you need the money now OR in the future? How well do you market yourself now or in the future? How much to you have invested in the product you worked on is the better question. Too many people look for the easy short cash without realizing what the long term effect it might have on them. Being a freelancer, the name of the game is marketing one’s self so you can become more popular over time which in turn makes you more money. What you think you are worth is up to you. What you think you can earn over time is really up to you. What are you doing with that knowledge and how can that help you in the learn term? Just something to think about next time you are accepting a new writing position. Talk to you later…


  1. Accepting a 5% royalty also means that you trust the publisher to report sales accurately and pay you on time for the rest of the product's life.

  2. That is true. But why would you work for a company that you did not trust? Better yet why would I want to be known as the company that doesn't fairly pay his people? This is a small industry. RPGNow.com has an automatic service that when an sell and item with a percentage pay out, they get paid with the sale, they get paid directly. Best of all the freelance can check with RPGNow to see if I can cheating them. It is a win-win for both of us.