Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do RPG retail stores even matter anymore?

For me, absolutely no!

I think it is a waste of time as a RPG publisher to go after store and begging them if they will sell my product (at a MASSIVE discount). I think my time would be better served actually selling direct to my customers. I see RPG retail stores like the newspaper industy and PDF RPG Industry as Webcomics. Most gaming stores are like dungeon pits, dark, dank and let’s not even talk about the smell. There are some that are not this, but I can remember a lot more that were like this then not. “Satisfy my customer” is my mantra. I don’t care what retail stores do. They don’t sell my product, so why should I care?

I sell direct to the customer so I can cut out the “middle man”. If you had 1,000 hard core fans that purchased once a month from you, you could do OK. Maybe not quit your job OK, but this could pay for your car note (mine did), by new computer software and hardware (mine did). So when a retail store tell you that PDF publishers are not real business, ask them why every RPG companies have seem to jump to them? With,, and many others you really don’t need retailers. You need loyal customers you can service. Talk to you later…