Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Horrific Fears for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game now available!!!

Games in the genre of dark fantasy and horror naturally work against some of the accepted assumptions of heroic fantasy. In a typical fantasy RPG game, combat might not be as dangerous and threatening in a fear- or horror-based adventure. The core hit point rules allow PCs to absorb a few attacks without disrupting their abilities. In contrast, most horror movies and stories are built with devastating, direct threats that can slay even the toughest hero with a single blow. Magic, monsters, and other facets of the core rules may not match the tone and feel that you want to induce in your horror or dark fantasy gaming session.

Horrific Fears presents a mixture of new options you can use to modify the core rules to make you gaming sessions fit the dark fantasy and horror better. This sourcebook is completely 100% open OGL content for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This Horrific Terror: The Fear and Terror sourcebook presents quick, easy, and flexible system for incorporating the effects of fear, horror and in some cases, extreme madness into your fantasy game. Horrific Terror: The Fear and Terror sourcebook reminds players that hazardous adventures can bring all types of penalties and facilitate motivate role playing.

The Horrific Terror: The Fear and Terror sourcebook includes rules for:
  • The Template Approach to Fear and Horror
  • Character Health and Mortality
  • Constitution and Health System
  • Wound Levels and Injury Penalties
  • Rules for Fear, Terror, and Madness with Madness Points for Long-Term Insanity
  • ...and much more
Available exclusively at Paizo.com!!!