Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am not going to Gen Con ... what a surprise..

I stopped going to Gen Con a few years back. I liked going to Gen Con when I lived in Indiana but now...not so much. Everytime I have been, it was for business and I did well cash wise. But afte I became a PDF publisher and focused on POD, I never really felt the need to sell my product in the traditional fashion of print 2,000 copies pay for everthing up front, ship it to the con, hope to sell them all, then ship back the remaining. Most likely after everything was said and done, you would make enough money to break even, if you were lucky. Why the hell would I do that? That sounds like a bad business idea to me.

Plus with only a little over 25,000 people showing up (San Diego Comic Con had 125,000, WizardWorld Chicago had 60,000), it never seemed worth the cost to go there. While this will be a big date with the release of Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, it is not enough to draw me out to Indianapolis in August. Some company I know swear by going to it and say it is there biggest event all year where they make most of their money. I say it is scary to depend on one convention to make most of your money. God forbid something bad happens like your products don't make it their for some reason. So fo all you that are going enjoy your time. I will be at home saving that money to purchase my new house. Talk to you later...