Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand Theft Exodus - The NeoExodus: A House Divided Webcomic

So I thought I might start this one off with some REALLY good news. For those who didn't know I have been looking for a new artist to work with me on Grand Theft Exodus - The NeoExodus: A House Divided Webcomic. Well I few weeks back I found one that I liked with the art style that I was looking for. So we have been going back and forth on the desig of the main two characters: Niobe Mylona and Tahki Zitkata.
  • Niobe Mylona: Niobe is a master their who will steal what ever she needs from who ever might have it. Niobe is an adventurer in every sense of the word. She feels high levels of energy, is always on the go, and loves the stoplight to prove she is the worlds greatest thief. She loves Tahki as a friend and a protector and always knows he will be their for her.
  • Tahki Zitkata: Tahki is Niobe’s teacher, back up man and conscious. He has broken from the Cavian Hive Mind and is a loner. He finds comfort in solitude, rarely express anger, and appears to be cold. The only close friend he has seems to have is Niobe, who he would follow through hell to save her if needed.

The artist sent me the final artwork for the character design and now I am showing them to you. We will have more character design artwork coming in the future which will include Protectorate Peacekeepers, mechanical Arcane Intelligences, Khaynites and even Nysska of the Folding Circle. So if you are a fan of NeoExodus: A House Divided then you should be read Grand Theft Exodus. Coming soon. Talk to you later...