Saturday, May 2, 2009

Really want to get into the RPG Publishing business? Then take this little test to see if your qualified…

A lot of people ask me about getting into the business or how to start their own RPG company, so I came up with a little test that I think can really help you decide if you are qualified to get into the business. This is the same test I give to people who want to be project manager on product we create. Enjoy!

Project Manager Position
For those interested in this position, we would like to give you a real work project to work on and see if you can accomplish it in the stated time frame and on budget. This will determine who we think is best working with Louis Porter Jr. Design and our imprints.

We are looking for at least 1,500 to a maximum of 2,000-word project that can focus on any one of the following areas of interest:
  • D20 Modern (Generic): New Class, New Equipment, New Rule set
  • D20 Future (Generic): New Class, New Equipment, New Starship, New Planet, New Rules set
  • D20 Fantasy (Generic): New Class, New Magic Item or Equipment, New Spells, New Rule set
This project will also need for you to acquire at least one (1) original piece of artwork at least 8.5 inches in height by 5.5 inches in width for this project. (Any and all clip art or stock artwork is excluded)

  • The total budget for this project is $50 US. With this money you will acquire at least one (1) original piece of artwork for this project (Any and all clip art or stock artwork is excluded) and a writer for this project and they will be paid from this amount.
  • No individual who have worked for Louis Porter Jr. Design or any of its imprints at any time are eligible to be used on this project. Also, the project manager on this test is not eligible to be the writer or the artist on this project.
  • These following questions must be answered about the product, in 50 words or less:
  • 1) Why would someone purchase this product versus our opposition?
  • 2) How does this project fit in with Louis Porter Jr. Design overall business strategy?
  • 3) How does this product compare to what Louis Porter Jr. Design’s competitor similar products?
  • The project will blind CC Louis Porter Jr. on all the e-mail on recruiting of artist and writers.
  • Also the project manager cannot say what company (Louis Porter Jr, Design and imprints) they are working for, to the writers and artists they are looking to recruit. All that can be said or referred to is that “they are a well known respected PDF publisher”.
  • The project must be completed with seven (7) days of receiving this e-mail.
  • Louis Porter Jr. will personally look over all work submitted then it will be accepted, sent back for revision, reject pieces of the project or reject the product in full. The project manager, artist and writer will be paid on completion of the project by Louis Porter Jr. directly.

Louis Porter Jr. will pay the project manager 20% of the total budget for this project. All payment of writers will be handled by directly by Louis Porter Jr. Thank you again for your interest in this position and good luck.

Now after reading this, if you became worried and though to yourself, that doing this test is impossible, then you WILL NOT make a good RPG publisher. I am being 100% serious here. You will not be a good RPG publisher and you should do something else. Don’t waste your time or money. For everybody else, get to it. You have work to do. Talk to you later…