Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[PDF Business Wednesday] A Short Rant...Upcoming Knowledge

So after Gareth’s announcement at his site I thought about writing a huge, big thing about Bitorrent and why I thought placing RPG PDF material it was wrong and whatnot. But, I don’t really have to say that, because it is simple. The people who place up stuff like that don’t care and nothing I say will change that. It comes down to what you feel about what we do as RPG PDF publishers. If you feel that it is worth something, you support it by purchasing the product; if you don’t well then you don’t. So “Thank You” to all the people that support all the RPG PDF publishers, even Gareth. Because we loving making fun stuff.

Now on to some important PDF Business Wednesday business. Brian Hibbs of Tilting At Windmills and Comix Experience fame is coming out with a Volume 2 of Tilting At Windmills coming out in March 2009. If you are smart you will preorder this book. The first volume was GREAT and I expect this to be just as good. As a publisher you are handicapping yourself if you don’t go and pick these books out. Talk to you later...