Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 days left, $6,000 to go...

My buddies over at Paradigm Concepts announced their patron project a while back for Crusade. I liked the idea and knew with their Living Arcanis campaign they would get a lot of support. But whne I hear they were asking for $10,500 with this patron project, AND they want to raise it in 30 days, I have to admit I became a little skeptical. Over the last 27 days, I have seen the interst in the project grow and grow. But with 3 days left, and needing $6,000 it is going to take a miracle. So this is a little heads up, if you are a Paradigm Concepts fan and you like Living Arcanis take a second out to support them on this project.

(Personal note: I am not sure that the boys over at Paradigm Concepts know that that Fundable.com, they service they are using to collect the money, only gives you the money WHEN and IF you meet your goal. If you don't meet it, Fundable.com refunds all the money back to the people, so people can not take the precentage of it and run. So you have to start from the beginning again to raise the funds.)