Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is the rest of Sidetrek Adventure Weekly 2: The undead Chronicles?

OK here is the real deal on my current product schedule. I just moved in with the new wife to her place with her and her mom. Since moving out of my apartment, I have diassembled my computer and have not assembled it in the new place due to a space issue. So with that, I am currently without access to my computer (I am using my wife's to check e-mail and make posts but all the LPJ Design stuff is on mine).

BUT I "hope" to have the new furniture in the house and my computer up and running releasing products as early as next week. Besides the SAW 2 #4 to release I have 3 other product that are just in limbo. All this waiting has been to the wedding, honeymoon, moving out and getting adjusted. This is completely MY FAULT and you will be getting the remaining 3 episode of SAW 2.

Sorry again about that.