Friday, October 10, 2008

What ever happen to Xao: Island of Iron and Silk?

That is a good question. I did all the inital work on it. The outline. The basic setting information. Prestige Classes. Races. All the history of the Crescent Jade Dynasty with August Jade Emperor, the Heavenly Mother in Silk and the Eight Hsien (Immortals). We even put out the Demonfaced Killer as a toe in the water to see what people thought. Even with all this, it really never got off the ground. I had wanted Nick Logue to write it. His experience and love of the Asian culture with his actual time having been over there to live and study made him a perfect connection. But due to time issues it made it not possible.

But the good news is that Rite Publishing is doing The Lands of the Jade Oath Patronage Project! It looks and feels how I wanted Xao to be. I might have to pick this on up when it hits the digital PDF shelves. Can't wait to see it. Talk to you later.