Monday, October 6, 2008

LPJ Design 2008 Third Quarter Report

The third quarter of 2008 is over, and it is an even more hectic time for RPG publishers of both 4E and OGL. 4E has been selling for a few months and the GSL was release, rejected by the publisher and taken back to be “revised”. While all this has been going on, LPJ Design has been doing what we do best, putting out all kinds of new products for its OGL fans and customers.

The second Sidetrek Adventure Weekly series; The Undead Chronicles; has been released with the first three adventures receiving excellent reviews from several of the major 3E and OGL blogs websites and specifically at with its five out of five star review by Peter Ingham. The high interest level, excitement altitude in this adventure series has propelled it into one of the best selling adventure series on the OGL PDF market today. While most would be satisfied with all this going on, LPJ Design is kicking it up a notch working hard on the third Sidetrek Adventure Weekly series; Empire of Tears. As with the first and second series, this one looks to be another superstar in the making. With all the great work Werecabbage Publishing has done on this with series, lead by the amazing leadership of Line Editor Greg Oppedisano, the Sidetrek Adventure Weekly brand is a continued success.

In addition, the collection print-on-demand version of the first Sidetrek Adventure Weekly series Sidetrek Adventure Weekly Present: The Trodoon Gate Saga has been a great seller at our store.

On the NeoExodus: A House Divided front, we had a “slow” period with only 5 product releases. The two most recent releases; Races of NeoExodus: P’Tan and Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle; have both received four out of five star reviews at from Nathan Collins. With the release of Races of NeoExodus: P’Tan, longtime LPJ Design writer, Joshua Cole returns to the NeoExodus: A House Divided setting. Joshua Cole’s work on the campaign setting has been invaluable and with the several new projects planned like Lexicon Chronicles: Arcane Intelligence, Monsters of NeoExodus: Dragons and the upcoming book of evil for the NeoExodus: A House Divided setting, Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Woe. These products should be hitting the digital shelves of very soon.

With all this new excitement we have also brought the incredible artwork of Jason Walton to this fantasy punk setting. Jason Walton well known to LPJ Design fans as the original artist for the Haven: City of Violence Setting. It is great once again to be working with him again.

On the 4E front, LPJ Design has tested the gaming waters of 4E with the release of the free Initiative Cards: 4E. The Initiative Cards: 4E has proven to be a winner with fans and with that we expanded this idea with the release of Initiative Cards: 4E Custom Version. This version comes with a limited licensing agreement, that this resource can be used by RPG publishers in any of their upcoming RPG ideas or projects and use the Initiative Cards: 4E Custom Version in any of their own products as if they owned it them. With so many 4E publisher hitting the RPG PDF market daily we are planning to expand our limited licensing agreement products and line with lots of great product that will help 1st time publisher not only save money but make the right entrance in the PDF market.

With the third quarter completed, LPJ Design looks forward to the fourth quarter, better known as the “Holiday Season” with a lot of great RPG releases, monthly One Day Sales; including the once a year Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale; and some great free product releases. The first three quarters have been solid in helping grow business for LPJ Design and this fourth quarter looks to be no different. Thanks for your support and check out our online store at