Monday, October 13, 2008

Business NOT as usual

I am sure many of you who came here to my blog regular have noticed the business focused blogs that I have placed up over the years. I really enjoy talking about business as it relates to the RPG industry. I have a very unique perspective on how business should be done in the RPG industry, since I have been lucky enough to have people outside of the RPG industry to notice some ideas and concepts I have done and try to get them into different markets. Personally I love what the RPG industry has created with the creation of the OGL and PDFs. These have been the two greatest changes in the market of the last ten years. But now things are different.

With the creation of the GSL, WOTC has wanted to basically “crush” what the OGL created. Personally, I think the GSL in its current form is a bad thing. The OGL had is issues also, but overall it was about making the industry stronger as a whole. And I believe it has done that. But now with the schism of the GSL and OGL, with 3rd party publishers in the middle I have to ask, “What is best for the RPG Industry?” And after much though I have to go with the answer of: BOTH. Diversity is best because not everyone likes just one thing. The more choices we have the better it is for everyone. So play 4E. Play 3.5. Play OGL. Just play RPGs. That is what is important.

Now with all that said…

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Talk to you later…