Friday, August 29, 2008

[LPJDesign] The Wedding Cost too Much One Day (Weekend) Sale

With less than a month of bachelor-hood left, I have realized that paying for a marriage is a LOT more expensive than I initially thought. WOW!!! I never knew a dress that my wife is going to wear once was going to cost THAT MUCH!!! So it looks like I have to raise some funds for this wedding and quick. So with all that, just about all Louis Porter Jr. Design and Devil’s Workshop products will be on sale at 35% OFF their normal cost at from Friday August 29th until Monday August 31 at 5 PM. So don’t think about it as buying LPJ Design products for yourself, think of it as helping me start a beautiful life with a woman I spent eight years (that is right I said EIGHT YEARS) getting to this point. Thank for your support and wish me luck!!!

Get your stuff here!!!!