Monday, February 11, 2008

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly 2.0

Well since this first Sidetrek Adventure Weekly has been doing so well I (with the help of Greg) have decided to start working on the second volume of Sidetrek Adventure Weekly, written by several members of the Werecabbages. This time around there are going to be a few minor changes with S.A.W. (as we call it) that we think will help you enjoy the series even more.

1) Adventure Numbering: Starting with the second volume, we are going to change the numbers of the series. Instead of just numbering the next number in the line (like #1, #2, #3, #4 and so on) the second and future numbering will be base on the volume and standard number (like this #2.01, #2.02, #2.03, #2.04 and so on). The reason being that many of those involved have had an interest to re-visit some of the settings, characters and adventures they have created or worked on after the S.A.W. volume has ended and this makes it easy to do without having a break in the numbering. Plus, on sight you know what adventures will belong together.

2) Shorter Arcs: After seeing some of the initial comments we decided to keep the size of the series arcs down to 6 to 8 episode/issues in length. We will keep the 12 or longer arcs for very special and unique events (like the 18 part Cross of Fire S.A.W. we have planned). Plus it makes it possible to keep the price of the S.A.W.s subscriptions down. And who doesn't like to save money.

So when everything is finalized we will have a press release on who is doing what and when. So stay tuned. Talk to you later...