Saturday, October 6, 2007

Expanding LPJ Design, Step 2

As of this month, Louis Porter Jr. Design has paid off it major debts and now makes enough money, barring any amazing economic changes, is virtually completely out of any debt and the company's profits are so high that we can run it indefinitely with out any changes or modifications to business as we currently do it.

Now what this means in “real English” is that while LPJ Design was always profitable, it is now so profitable that I can start building other businesses off of the profits made from LPJ Design. And with that I am now announcing my newest ventures; Devil’s Playground and Enemy One Entertainment. Basically put Devil’s Playground is my expanding into card and board games for the family, while Enemy One Entertainment is my expansion into digital and video material including video games, online music and varies items like that. So now you know, let’s see where this takes me. Thanks for all your support over these years and your continued support in our new adventures. Talk to you later...

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