Monday, July 16, 2007


Devil’s Workshop, an imprint of Louis Porter Jr. Design, is looking for 4 qualified and motivated volunteers to become our National Demo Team Coordinators for our new d20 fantasy setting, NeoExodus: A House Divided.

National Demo Team Coordinators will be Devil’s Workshop's liaisons to demo team members and game conventions across the United States and world. Their responsibilities will include matching up demo team volunteers with conventions and stores who have requested demo support, organizing teams and events for national shows that Devil’s Workshop is attending (Gen Con and Origins), receiving demo reports and feedback, creating team goals and assigning Demo Team points and rewards to their teams for successful demo events.

Devil’s Workshop's National Demo Team Coordinators will receive a complete set of Devil’s Workshop NeoExodus: A House Divided material and products, t-shirts and logo-items, badges and in some cases a per diem for conventions they attend, an e-mail address at and more. If you are detail-oriented, have good interpersonal skills and enjoy organizing creative gaming events, please send a resume to Resumes should include any relevant experience, especially work experience with other demo teams and references with contact info if possible.

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