Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lizard Men? They are not...

Reptile men are are a common sight in the realm of fantasy and with that I agree they are graeat as classic villains. With that I created the race the Sobeka. Now here is something that is a little interesting about them. There are TWO types of Sobeka. Here is the cover and information on the Races of First Ones: Kroca. This is the first one, the Kroca. Enjoy:

In the pre-human era, the soldiers of the First Ones were immense crocodilians, man-reptile hybrids with an insatiable hunger for humanoid flesh. These man-eaters, the Kroca subrace of the Sobeka, were slave-soldiers, but willingly sublimated themselves in return for more chances to catch and devour their favored prey. The modern Kroca are much like their ancestors - but centuries of selective breeding in the dark realm of the First Ones have fashioned them into truly perfect soldiers, unquestioning in their obedience and unrivalled in their might. When the First Ones explode back into the history of Exodus, the implacable Kroca march at the forefront of their armies.

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