Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hardcover or Softcover? Why Not Both!

I have some VERY good news to all you NeoExodus Fans out there. When I first planned to do the campaign setting for NeoExodus, I was planning to do it only in softcover for retail gaming stores. It was a little to expensive to do a full run of hard cover books. But my printer just informed me that we can do a typical softcover edition as we planned, AND we can do a limited run Hardcover edition!!!

That is right! There are going to be TWO VERSIONS of the Campaign setting. Now I have decided that I am only going to sell the limited HARDCOVER version directly from my website. I since I don't know the actual page count of the HARDCOVER book (I have estimated the Campaign setting book to be 128 pages but with this change. I might be going up to 200+ pages), but I am doing everything I can do to keep the HARDCOVER version to be under $30 and the Softcover versions to only $20 in the retail gaming stores. Even though the PDF versions of the Campaign Setting is going to be released next week (HOPEFULLY!) We will not releasing the Softcover & Hardcover version until the summer of 2007. Just in time for Gen Con and Origins. Talk to you later...