Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Race for NeoExodus: Cavian

While creating NeoExodus I always wanted to create a new races for the setting. I never understood when people made a new setting but had the same old elves and dwarves. This race called Cavians are one of the orignial four races I had planned for NeoExodus (which now have grown to six). Here is an outtake from the upcoming Races of NeoExodus sourcebooks:

They are myth and legend that have come to life. With the regal and majestic stature and nature combined with their amazingly powerful psychic abilities and telepathic talents with their rat-like humanoid appearance makes a Cavian a contradiction and incongruity on so many different levels. While they have been missing from the physical landscape of Exodus for nearly 300 years, their sudden return has caused many issues to arise of their return. Many fear to due their incredible mental power and remarkable cerebral supremacy they have return to dominate over all others, while others believe they have come to promote unification and amalgamation of all the empires in Exodus. What ever it is for their reason for return will be discovered in time.

Stay tuned for the other races of NeoExodus, talk to you later...