Monday, January 1, 2007

A Decade of Violence: 1997 to 2007

The year 2007 celebrates the 10th year anniversary of the creation of world of Haven: City of Violence for Louis Porter Jr. Design. Haven: COV started off as a spy & espionage based RPG called Point Blank, but due to the life changing words from Hero Games Mastermind, Steven Long; Haven: City of Violence was born. Over the last 10 years, the world of Haven has grown and expanded in to several different genres and setting that we plan from the beginning. With 2007, we continue with the growth and expansion of the world of Haven with these additional settings:

Haven: Full Metal Zero: The covert world of espionage in the Haven: City of Violence setting was lightly covered in the Haven: City of Violence Core Rulebook, but now with the introduction of Haven: Full Metal Zero line, we dig deeper into the spy & espionage genre in the world of Haven. The Haven: Full Metal Zero line will cover the histories of predominate covert agencies in the world of Haven including the Department of Federal Investigation, Special Operations and the enigmatic secret society of Prometheus. Fans of such television shows, video games and movies like 24, Splinter Cell, The Unit, Metal Gear Solid, Sleeper Cell, the Borne Identity and various other will be fans on our take of D20 Espionage. Right now, we have nearly 20 products for this line and plan to double most likely triple that amount by the end of 2007. The writing responsibilities for the Haven: Full Metal series will be handled by Misfit Studios & Kenzer and Company rising star, Ross Payton, and Misfit Studios alumni, David Caffee.

Victory: War of Bronze: While the Haven City of Bronze setting brought the genre of pulp to the world of Haven, Victory: War of Bronze brings in the rest of the world at war in perspective. Victory: War of Bronze focuses on Haven: City of Bronze’s Second Great Conflict, its own version of World War II. A combination of World War II and Pulp Superscince has created incredible mechanized armor and war machines that litter the war zones. This setting will open up the world of d20 World War II and Pulp Superscince to a level it has never been. The lead writer and developer on the Victory: War of Bronze line is handled by Pazio’s Dragon Magazine superstar writer, Joshua Cole.

Sanctuary: City of Secrets: The sequel to one of all time best selling D20 Modern setting, Sanctuary: City of Secrets was created with the concept of not to show you another decaying urban setting for D20 Modern like Haven: City of Violence where every is put out right in front of you, but show you the exact opposite of that. Sanctuary was created to show you a city that was built on secrets; some of them good, but most of them deadly covered by the beauty and shiny city. Unlike Haven, Sanctuary: City of Secrets exists on the west coast of the United States giving you that distinctly different feel and favor for Sanctuary then Haven. Fans of Haven will Like Sanctuary: City of Secrets as an add-on to their normal Haven: City of Violence game or a completely separate setting. In a step to make this D20 Modern setting different from many of its counterpart, the Sanctuary: City of Secrets Campaign Setting will be absolutely and completely for free, just like the Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting. The lead writer and developer on the Sanctuary: City of Secrets series is handled by Expeditious Retreat Press, Misfit Studios, Skortched Urf' Studios, Tabletop Adventures writer and Devil’s Workshop powerhouse, Christopher A Field.

Various D20 Modern Genres: We are also looking to tackle various literary genres from the American Revolutionary War and times to the Victorian Era to the U.S. Civil War and even the Cold War of the 1950s & 60s. We also mean to cover alternate history versions of these same time period and genre also. We are looking in covering all this time periods and genres using the D20 Modern rule system so fan who know how to D20 Modern can easily cross over to these games.

These setting and gaming lines are in addition to Louis Porter Jr Design already successful product lines including our D20 Futuristic Line, Polymecha; Our stock art series, Image Portfolio; and our classical D20 Literature Fantasy series, D20 Shakespeare. Even with all this going on we still have our TWO HUGE secret projects, codename Project X and Project Y, which we plan to announce to the world later this year. We plan for 2007 to be our greatest year as a company and expand Louis Porter Jr. Design to even greater company on the PDF scene. Thanks for all your support.