Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Announcement from LPJ Design and Kickstarters

I wanted to send this email out to everyone who had backed up in any LPJ Design kickstarter donors on our current business status.  If you are not familiar and do not know, my wife Carla has a cancerous brain tumor which we have been dealing with over the last three years. Last week my wife admitted into where we discovered the tumor had grown to the point that she had no viable options left to battle the tumor.  We decided it was best to have my wife to return home and begin hospice care during her final days. 

I have decided to it is best to attempt to finish up any outstanding kickstarter project and release as much as I can, as soon as possible.  Some rewards that we offered are going to fall through the cracks. Those items specifically are going to be: the t-shirts, tote bag, book marks and map posters from any of the Free RPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter, Obsidian Apocalypse Campaign Templates for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter and NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG. Instead of those rewards, LPJ Design will be offering $35 in credit for any of the over 500 PDF LPJ Design has created.  Please feel free to look through our list of products at to donors who were supposed to receive those rewards.  We will be contacting you further with instruction on how specifically we will be handling that.

We expect to have the Obsidian Apocalypse campaign setting PDF finished in the next few days which we will send out copies to the corresponding donors. We will also attempt to send off the file to get the B&W and color versions to press. As soon as these books are at press we will be asking for your address to send out these products.

We also expect to start mailing out the Free RPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter with dice as soon as possible so you can enjoy your reward.

In addition we are going to also place out upcoming Codex: Torment kickstarter on hold indefinitely during this trying time.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this lengthy and painful process we at LPJ Design are going through.

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