Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Did you know about the Kickstarter Faliures with big names attached to them?

I was over at Tenkar’s Tavern and read this post, KickstarterFailures - The RPG Corner is Beginning to Pile Up With Them (Nystul HasCompany) and I have to admit I was shocked. I mean I knew there were all kinds of kickstarters that failed to product their products. But I never knew so many of them were by “named” gaming people.  If you want to get a bad feeling read through the comment section at the bottom. I will wait…

WOW! Right. How many of those names did you know? How many of those were toted and being BIG projects with their success? Well I guess I better double my efforts so that I don’t get on this list.  Talk to you later….

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