Saturday, May 4, 2013

LPJ Design introduces in new like of ebook fiction, NeoExodus: Legendary Tales!

So here is a project that I have been working on in silence over the last few month and I am finally revealing  what it is.  Ever since I say the ebook revolution happened, I wanted to be part of it and I know that NeoExodus would be at the forefront of it.  So one of the original people who worked on the the first edition of NeoExodus, Joshua Cole , got in contact with me about doing it I decided now was the perfect time. In addition, we thought it would be best to get you all interested in what we were doing by give these story away on this blog for free. So Joshua and I developed an outline and we decided that this first story would be a three part ebook. So Joshua just sent us our first rough draft of the ebook and where have sent it to editing and we hope to have the first part of the ebook up very soon at this blog. So once again thanks for your support of what we are doing here. Talk to you later...

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