Tuesday, February 12, 2013

33 days to go on Free RPG Day NeoExodus Kickstarter

We have been every quite over the last few days of the FreeRPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter. I think some of you have said, “Yeah, they reach their goal. That is it!” And of course that is not it!

We have LOTS of hidden threshold and donor goals waiting for you. We have goals all the way up to $25,000. That is right we have planned to reach ten times the amount we need to raise! Now I know there are a lot of kickstarters out there asking for all kinds of donors for all kinds of cool things. But the big difference between those kickstarters and our kickstarter is that we are supporting Paizo, Pathfinder and other third party publishers with this kickstarer.

For each free adventure we give out at Free RPG Day 2013, that is a new potential gamer who is going to play Pathfinder. Better yet, each new gamer who exposed to a third party publisher of Pathfinder, discovers the amazing amount of support Paizo gives to third party publishers. We who play Pathfinder are a family and we at LPJ Design want to share our feeling of family to more and more gamers who have never played Pathfinder. So if you have a second go out and tell people about this Free RPG Day kickstarter and all the good it is doing for the pathfinder community. The more people exposed and playing Pathfinder is a good thing. As I have said before, when you support third party publishers of Pathfinder, you support Pathfinder. Show your support!