Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paying attention to our fanbase is what is most important at LPJ Design...

While this is a business, it is not a dictatorship. I have people to answer to and they are call our fans. NOT our customers, but our fans and there is a difference. A few days ago I said that we would bot be doing Obsidian Apocalypse as a setting but as a adventure. Needless to say there saw some backlash.  The once pice of back lash was this comment on Facebook:

LPJ Design: @John: I dont want to create another setting and not really support it. I dont think making a setting that isn't supported a good thing. You spend your money and I don't want you to feel you wasted your money on a ”dead” setting.

John: I purchased Obsidian Twilight and already feel like i have, no offense.


Now that hurt. The part that hurt the most was that it was true.  So this got me thinking, how could I make my fanbase happy with out doing somethign that would not be good for business.  So After a while a came up with a plan. I have decided to NOT to make this one complete setting, but FOUR toolkit setting templates that you can add to your campaign world. Which include:
  • Hell on Abaddon: Angels and Demon have been brought to this world via the meteor and engage in battles all over this world. Exalted, Infernal & Genesai focused races for this setting
  • Cthulhu-ese on Abaddon: The meteor is actually a prison from unusual monsters that breaks open and escapes to this world. Infernal, Lykian, Osirian & Raijin focused races for this setting (a la A Place Beyond Hell)
  • Plague covers the world: A super powerful virus begins infecting, mutating and killing people of this world. Exalted, Infernal, Harrowed & Khymer focused races for this setting
  • Undead Apocalypse: Undead raise due to the necromantic energy in the meteor.  Harrowed, Khymer, Osirian & Raijin, focused races for this setting.

This is MORE interesting to me as a 3PP of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, plus make it a book that is more useful than one lone setting.  So you kind of get the best of both worlds PLUS with a 16 page adventure written by [CLASSIFIED UNTIL AFTER PAIZOCON]!  So thank you agaon for helping me see the "light" and give you something that we BOTH want.  Thanks for the support of LPJ Design we are always grateful.  Talk to you later...