Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NeoExodus Novellas Fiction: Grand Theft Exodus Kickstarter Project

The NeoExodus Novellas project has the goal of starting a fiction line to support the NeoExodus: A House Divided role playing game line. The world of Exodus needs heroes. Suit up with your armor, gather your weapons and enter into the neo-fantasy world of danger and excitement with NeoExodus Novellas. NeoExodus Novellas is both a serial web fiction and official novels that expand the mesmerizing magical and fascinating would of the role playing setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided. For the first time the world of Exodus comes alive in stories of powerful arcane magic, conflicting mighty empires with political intrigue, where anyone can have a remarkable effect on the world. The NeoExodus Novellas series are standalone voyages and exploits written by fantasy's bestselling authors in the field. The first NeoExodus Novella will be written by the world famous fantasy writer, Robin D. Laws.

The project's main designer, Louis Porter Jr., has been involved in the RPG and entertainment industry for the last decade starting with the creation and development of Haven: City of Violence campaign setting, which is the only RPG to receive a movie option by Radical Comics owner, Barry Levine, before the setting was released. Louis Porter Jr over the last decade has release over 500 RPG related products in both the traditional brick and mortar retail store and the online PDF market. In addition, Robin D. Laws; who also wrote Paizo’s Pathfinder Tales: The Worldwound Gambit and Games Workshop’s Honour of the Grave, will be the head writer on this project. Porter and Laws hope the NoeExodus Novella can emulate the excitement and interest in this novella as the role playing game has done. To learn more about this project follower this link!