Thursday, October 20, 2011

[LPJ Design] Announces new product line, Absolute Magic for Pathfinder

Louis Porter Jr. Design is proud to announce its newest RPG gaming line, Absolute Magic. Absolute Magic is online PDF resource series that RPG gamers can use to add an additional 100 spells to each specific class of Pathfinder.  Each Absolute Magic will add 10 new spells from 0-level to 9th level of a class. If you are tired of buying spell sourcebooks that only add 10% new spell to the class you want to use, then you HAVE to pick up the Absolute Magic product line. This first sourcebook for the product line focus on Clerics with such new spells including:

·         Aeons Crash Down: Shatter a creature’s sanity by showing it thousands of years of future history in a few seconds.
·         Breath of Wasps: Summon multiple swarms of wasps as a strange breath weapon.
·         Confessor’s Mask: Prevent a priest from seeing supplicants’ faces clearly to ensure anonymous confessions.
·         Divine Lightning: summons a bolt of heavenly lightning that is difficult to resist.
·         Field of Broken Blades: Damage multiple weapons simultaneously.
·         Ghost Blood: Become intangible and ghostlike.
·         Mark of Purpose: Creates a mystical tattoo that provides a bonus on certain checks.
·         Raise Dead, Mass: raise multiple slain creatures simultaneously.
·         Storm Whip: Creates a magic whip of wind and lightning.
·         Undead Slumber: Temporarily sends undead into a coma-like stupor.
·         Plus 90 more all new cleric spells..

Who couldn’t use another 100 spells for their cleric?  Availableat here!